Session fun…{Photography by Sabreena – Michigan Newborn & Children Portrait Photographer}

I went to visit the “B” family for a newborn/family session last weekend. We got some amazing and sweet images of mom and dad with their 3 little girls as well as some great individual portraits of each of the children.

While baby sister was being fed I got to entertain “A” (5 yrs old) & “J” (2 yrs old). We proceeded to make a fort out of the baby blankets and take photos of each other taking photos. The photos that resulted were pretty great as well.
 photo BabyAva-192.png

 photo BabyAva-154.png

 photo BabyAva-155.png

My perspective:
 photo BabyAva-183.png

“A”‘s perspective:
 photo DSC_3087bw.jpg

 photo 2db9b037-198b-410e-94ae-278fdbd596ec.jpg

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