What to expect:

For family sessions with small children I will spend a couple minutes at the start talking to them to help them feel more comfortable with the “lady behind the camera”. Please know that giving expectations to children about their behavior  ahead of time is great, however, I am a mom and I know that kids do not act perfectly all the time. The camera captures 1/250th or less of a second at a time – in between the wiggles and the goofiness and even the “I don’t want to!” there are always sweet moments. Please trust that I will capture those for you.

Relaxed session:

I pray that your portrait session does not cause you stress, but if it does it should all happen before the session date. I realize there are a lot of details that go into a successful session – selection of photographer, wardrobe, session date that works for everyone. However, once the session starts it is best to just have fun and show your affection to each member of your family, because that is what the camera will capture.

Be Flexible:

Kids have minds of their own. I will try something for a while, and if it’s not working out I’ll move on to something else. Please know that your child’s shyness or silliness is age-appropriate and that they’re not misbehaving. I love kids and have learned many tricks through the years that will help in capturing them at this stage in life.

Finally, please bring snacks and drinks. Hungry kids tend to be grumpy kids and I will always make time for a snack break!